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    Nectar collectors are an extremely simple and effective way to dab wax and other concentrates. As people look for ways to discreetly enjoy dabs without a large dab rig, nectar collectors are becoming increasingly more common. They are also evolving to have many valuable features that people look for in high-quality pipes and rigs.


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    What are Backwoods Cigars?

    Backwoods cigars are 100% natural tobacco leaves. The leaf itself is machine rolled but made to seem like it is hand rolled. These cigars go through a more intensive processing step versus other brands such as Century Sams, Swisher Sweets and Phillies. In fact, they can take up to a year before being available for the consumer. They’re filled with tobacco and designed to be only unraveled by hand. They come in many different flavours such as sweet aromatic, honey berry, honey bourbon and even exotic ones such as vanilla, grape and banana!

    Blunts, by their definition alone, are hollowed-out cigars that are filled with cannabis. The result of combining nicotine with THC are a deep headrush, a crazy buzz and a jolt of energy (at times). Depending on what is used to fill the blunt, you can expect to feel a headrush similar to smoking a cigar by itself but also with the influencing effects that cannabis has.

    Disclaimer: No two cigars are exactly the same. That’s how you know what you’re getting is real.


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    • – 2 Mini Cordia Leaf Rolls Included
    • – Individually Handmade, Handpicked and Cleaned With Purified Water Before Rolled
    • – Holds 1 Gram Per Roll
    • King Palm’s slim pouch (Banana Cream) contains 2 slim rolls made exclusively from Cordia leaf. Holds 1.5 Gram’s Per Roll
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