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  • – 2 Mini Cordia Leaf Rolls Included
  • – Individually Handmade, Handpicked and Cleaned With Purified Water Before Rolled
  • – Holds 1 Gram Per Roll
  • King Palm’s slim pouch (Banana Cream) contains 2 slim rolls made exclusively from Cordia leaf. Holds 1.5 Gram’s Per Roll

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A King Palm leaf cone is ready to be filled with top-shelf flowers, so there is no need to make your own rolling cones. They have many more features compared to pre-rolled cones made from hemp and other materials. A slow and smooth burn are two main features that won this leaf cone company a High Times Award in 2017. We source the best KING PALM WRAPS cordia leaves from our operation in Singapore, and they have the best properties for smoking herbs. The demand for King Palm pre-rolled cones has grown so much, causing us to have a workforce of 2,500 in Southeast Asia.

About King Palm Natural Leaf Cones

The need for a better alternative for backwoods, joint paper, and blunts gave birth to King Palm pre-rolled cones. Enjoy a premium hand-rolled leaf cone that takes only a few minutes to stuff with herbs. The proof is in the ash, and you’re going to get thick ash that’s white and solid. Ash that does not crumble apart easily is a sign of a well-constructed roll. So enjoy a professional pre-rolled cone with a natural leaf that burns smoothly and slowly.

Hand Rolled Smoking Cones

Enjoy a premium rolled blunt with a tobacco-free leaf and a slower burn. We supply a packing stick made from biodegradable bamboo. It’s super helpful at pushing down your ground herbs, and you will be ready to smoke quickly. Get prepared to be in awe with how slow this leaf cone burns. No glue or saliva is holding this pre-rolled cone together—instead, it’s a biodegradable paper band.

Pack your herbs before going on that festival or beach trip and keep them fresh with a humidity pack, included in packages of 5 or more King Palm leaf cones. It keeps your herbs fresh as will, so prepare for a premium smoking session.

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Berry Terps $4.25, Fruit Passion $4.25, Watermelon Wave $4.25, Magic Mint $4.25, Banana Cream $5.25

2 reviews for KING PALM WRAPS

  1. 5 out of 5


    These are sweet . Super easy to use . Great quality product even down to the wood burned company name and logo on the packing stick .First time using a Palm Leaf to smoke . I’ve used backwoodbls and century sams . I like these because they’re ready to go.

    What else is pretty neat is they have a Terpene capsule in the filter. So you squeeze it pops and puts flavour on the filter . My watermelon tasted awesome .it says it’s derived from fruit 👍

    They burn nice , real nice actually , no runs , I had to to watch that or it can run definitely, what else
    Oh so I packed it relatively tight and to the end . My burn time was 10 min 41 seconds probably about a gram in it that’s pretty good and I’m stones AF

  2. 5 out of 5



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